Getting Started

Welcome to MockLab!

To get your first mock API up and running you’ll need to start by logging in using your GitHub account.

Once you’re in you can create a new mock API by clicking

A unique hostname under will always be created when you save your new API but you can optionally specify a custom hostname to be created in addition. This must be unique within the context of

Once you’ve hit Save, you’re ready to create your first API stub.

For a more in-depth look at how MockLab can be used, see the exploratory testing tutorial.

Automated setup and testing

Every feature in MockLab is accessible via a REST API.

The provisioning API supports the creation, querying and deletion of mock APIs.

The mocking API supports configuration of an individual mock API, including stub management, request verification, proxying, fault injection and more. It is 100% compatible with WireMock’s API and can therefore be used with any WireMock client library. See the article on automated testing with Java for more details.

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